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Discover Red Light Center

Red Light Center can best be described as a 3D virtual world for adults (well, technically, a ‘Massively Multi-User Reality’) with over 4 million active users.

Its tagline is ‘Expand your Fantasy”, and that’s exactly what RLC does. It’s basically a virtual playground for adults, where anyone is free to live out their wildest sexual fantasies.

The gameworld is modeled after Amsterdam’s Red Light District, featuring virtual nightclubs, bars, bordellos, movie theathers, hotels and stores.

The game itself is free-to-play, which means you can download and play the game for free. You will be able create your avatar and set out to discover large parts of the game world, as well as meet new people. Everyone you meet in the game is a player, just like you, which means that your interactions are with real people and their avatars.

Basically, RLC could be considered as a crossover between a social network and a huge 3D open world, where your avatar can meet interesting people and engage in sexual activities with other players. The sexual aspect of RLC is reserved to VIP users (For more information about VIP read: “VIP, what is it, and why do you need it?”)

Once you’ve found someone you would like to engage in sexual activity with, you can adjourn to more private accomodations (Your private room, a hotel room, an underwater cave, a sex dungeon, or a jaccuzi, to name but a few examples) and sample RLC’s many available sexual acts and positions, while engaging in private chat with your partner.


Red Light Center game: strong points


RLC has one of the friendliest communities you’ll find in any online game. As soon as you login to the game for the first time, you’ll start out in a room with new users like yourself, where a few moderators or experiences users are always present to help you out. Just shout out any question (press enter and type to chat) and you’ll get a friendly reply right away, telling you what you need to know. Don’t be shy to ask for help when you are having a hard time figuring something out – just ask, wherever you are, there will always be someone near you who is willing to help you out!

Ease of use

RLC’s basic commands are really easy to master – for instance, to move around, just use the mouse or the classic WASD keys. If you want to go back to the welcome center, press the home icon. To change your avata’s looks, press the shirt icon on the top right, where the options menu can also be found. Easy as pie!

Adult content

The variety in adult content is simply astounding – there is something for everyone’s tastes. As for the sexual intercourse itself, RLC boasts a stunning number of sexual actions and positions for you and your sex partner to discover.

Frequent updates

RLC is frequently updated with fresh content, new zones, new skins and new events – the game thrives to stay up-to-date and to provide its users with new content.


VIP: What is it,  and why do you need it?

If you like Red Light center and want to unlock the full (sexy) potential of this adult playground then you might want to think about going VIP.

You will unlock many new customizations for your avatar, and will be able to have virtual sex with any other RLC user.

Here’s a taste of the features that are unlocked by going VIP:

  • All the sex features and animations, and the ability to ‘get naked with friends’
  • Ability to send private messages and initiate private conversations (text chat or Voice Over IP chat)
  • Access VIP-only areas in-world
  • View VIP-only images & profiles
  • Own property – VIP members start off with their own private appartment
  • Increased avatar customization
  • Transfer virtual currency
  • VIP membership costs $20 per month and provides full access to every aspect of the game.

Signing up for the Red Light Center game is free: just sign up using the link below, and then follow the installation instructions.


How do I sign up?

You can download the game for free by clicking the following link:

If you have any problem signing up, downloading the game or otherwise getting it to work, make sure to follow the detailed instructions here: How to get started!

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